Is Athoria Games hiring currently?


Tempe is seeking one part time person.

Rates start at $14.00/hr .

Benefits include

  • Weekly direct deposit - into one or two accounts. Includes online paystub access.

  • Fixed scheduled hours - no more wondering when your next shift will be!

  • Employee discount - Who doesn't love a discount?

  • The option to join our 401k plan - 4% employer match! Eligible after just 60 days, fully vested in 2 years.

  • Random promotional items - We get random cool stuff, so can you!

  • The joy of working in a fun and friendly environment - We work hard, but it's fun stuff to talk about, be around, and we get to see all the new releases first!

What does an Athoria Team Member do all day?

We have several important tasks to make sure Athoria lives up to it's potential. Highlights include:

  • Welcoming customers and answering phone calls

  • Answering questions about the products we offer

  • Checking in new inventory and getting it on the shelf.

  • Keeping the store clean and fresh.

  • Running events, and yes, sometimes playing games.

Am I a good fit?

Required Skills:
  • Sorting & alphabetizing
  • Accurate data entry & ability to follow established processes
  • Customer service & customer need assessment
  • Actively play at least one of the following: Magic the Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Warhammer 40k (AoS, Kill Team, War Cry are okay too)
  • Be able to stand, lift, and be physically active for 4+ hours at a time
  • Be able to address an envelope for mailing
  • Critical thinking and independent decision making

Preferred skills:
  • 1+ years of retail experience
  • Familiarity with conditioning and identifying counterfeit TCG products.
  • Experience running organized play events or RPGs
  • Familiarity with painting miniature figures
  • Some Spanish or additional language ability