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Athoria Games is a welcoming environment for those new to gaming and veterans alike. Come find fun & value at Athoria Games today!

Meet the owners


Lord of Athoria

Patrick is an Arizona native and long time gamer. He earned a degree in History from ASU and played for many years in the Tempe area. 

He's excited to be returning to the gaming community of his younger days. 

 Patrick's love of TCG games runs long and deep. While his first love is the Decipher Star Wars TCG, he is also an avid Magic player. Warning: he likes to play Commander and is pretty good at it. Don't expect an easy win if you go up against him.  

Beyond TCG games, Patrick enjoys a game of Blood Bowl or any board game as well. He's always up for a Dungeons & Dragons game and brewing up some strange and wild character. 


Lady of Athoria

You can't have a Mom and Pop shop without an active and fun loving Mom! 

Suzanne is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and moved to Tempe to attend ASU. She earned a degree in Economics and fell in love with Arizona, and Patrick too!

Suzanne is a lifelong gamer, playing casual Magic in her high school cafeteria in the late 90s. She still enjoys a pick up game, and likes brewing tribal decks or playing in sealed events. She is a certified Pokémon Professor and loves to teach the game to new players. 

Suzanne also runs My Little Pony RPG games, D&D 5e, and loves painting miniatures. She is the master of the Athoria Discord server and a friendly presence in person or online!